Inland Empire Utilities Agency

IEUA The California Sustainability Alliance is recognizing the Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) as an outstanding leader in sustainability. The Sustainability Showcase was established to highlight the efforts of California individuals and organizations that are paving the way to California’s sustainable future.

IEUA distinguishes itself through a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class projects and initiatives that range from green buildings and energy efficient systems and operations, to innovative environmental and resource management strategies.

“We have worked very hard to establish a green approach to our business practices and are very proud of this award,” stated Richard Atwater, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the IEUA.

IEUA is a municipal water district located in western San Bernardino County, California.  The Agency’s mission is to supply imported drinking water and recycled water, to collect and treat wastewater, and provide other utility-related services to the 850,000 residents living within its service area.

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