'LEEDing' by Example

IEUA hqIEUA’s commitment to procure, design and build sustainably is exemplified in its LEED Platinum Headquarters, the first public building to receive this highest of U.S. Green Building Council ratings.  When completed, it was also the largest LEED Platinum certified facility in the nation.

The IEUA's Headquarters complex's 66,000 square feet of office space consumes half the energy of their previous 30,000 square feet of leased office space. The headquarters houses over 200 of the agency's 308 employees in administrative and engineering operations position.  IEUA saved considerable costs by locating the headquarters next door to their new water recycling plant and bringing staff from the treatment plant into the headquarters building.  This avoided the need for another office building as well as reduced gasoline consumption and air pollution.  IEUA also uses waste heat from the adjacent water recycling plant.

Designed with energy and environmental efficiency in mind, its solar roof panels (photovoltaics) produce 60,000 watts of energy, generating enough electrical power for 33,000 square feet of office space. However, not content to simply install solar photovoltaics, IEUA is conducting three solar demonstration projects with the currently installed solar panels to evaluate their performance before selecting the solar system that will be installed on its Headquarters to achieve net zero energy consumption.

native plants

The facility’s use of recycled water and installation of
high efficiency plumbing reduces water consumption by 73%
compared to traditional building structures.

Planting more than 10,000 native and drought tolerant trees,
shrubs and bushes throughout the site further reduces water consumption.

The extensive use of recycled materials is also seen throughout
the interior as well as exterior of the headquarters complex.



recycled materialsIEUA’s Headquarters demonstrates how using recycled building materials and state-of-the-art energy efficiency can create a better environment, save water, improve staff productivity and contribute to the restoration of native landscapes.

To reduce congestion on roads, air pollution and dependence on
gasoline, IEUA encourages staff to use alternate modes of transportation to commute to/from work by:

1) offering a 9/80 or 4/10 work schedule to staff;
2) providing bike racks and electric vehicle charging stations at IEUA facilities; and
3) encouraging participation in a rideshare program.

Consistent with IEUA's culture of promoting shared values, IEUA has provided all of the documentation about its LEED certification process, including costs and benefits, and lessons learned, on its website.  To learn more, click here.

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