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Building owners and tenants have come to understand that energy management and sustainability programs benefit their bottom line as much as they do our planet. But sustainability goals are easier to announce than to achieve. The variety and number of opinions, objectives and providers can be overwhelming.

Jones Lang LaSalle has unmatched depth of experience providing energy management services and sustainability solutions across their portfolio. Jones Lang LaSalle has one of the deepest in-house teams of environmental experts in the real estate sector with 380 professionals accredited in LEED, BREEAM, NABERS and Green Star rating systems. They draw from lessons learned worldwide to help extend their clients sustainability strategies and programs beyond altruism to align with broader business objectives.

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empire retrofit
Empire State Building Retrofit

As the program manager for the Empire State Building Retrofit, Jones Lang LaSalle served as the owner’s representative and led an integrated team that developed a ground-breaking analytical process for optimizing the cost-benefit aspects of an energy retrofit. Eight key initiatives were identified from more than 60 potential strategies including infrastructure projects, green design concepts and a tenant energy management program. Jones Lang LaSalle is now overseeing the implementation of this project.

The resulting $20 million plan is projected to reduce energy use by 38 percent representing an annual savings of $4.4 million. Additionally, carbon emissions will be reduced by 105,000 metric tons over the next 15 years. The retrofit ultimately will be funded through the energy and operational savings and will pay for itself in 3.1 years.

Client Case Studies

LaSalle Investment Management (LIM) - LIM was interested in greening its buildings based on increased demand from tenants and wanted the ability to proceed with LEED EB Gap Assessments on short notice throughout the country starting with several locations in California. As the LEED program manager, Jones Lang LaSalle mobilized a team of LEED AP professionals to perform LEED EB Certification for multiple buildings in LIM’s portfolio and report comprehensive site assessments for its national assets. To date, over 50% of the LEED EB Gap Assessments have resulted in the building owner and LIM pursuing certification with Jones Lang LaSalle.

Confidential Institutional Investor Client -  A client needed a way to mitigate risk and increase asset values for a portfolio of investment properties throughout California, Central and Northeast regions. Jones Lang LaSalle was selected to act as the program manager in a year-long program using our Green Globes tool. Jones Lang LaSalle developed building-level and portfolio-level strategies and action plans, implemented the action plans and measured results. Overall energy consumption was reduced significantly, but more importantly, client was able to implement and track continuous improvement measures across their portfolio.

green tenant toolkit
Green Tenant Toolkit

Jones Lang LaSalle’s Green Tenant Toolkit helps tenants become greener by providing a brief overview of the three most recognized green building standards in the industry: LEED, Energy Star and Green Globes. The Toolkit also provides tips to tenants on what a building can do to become green.

The Green Office Toolkit includs the following guides to aid its tenants in finding green space, building a sustainable space and adopting green practices:

  • Finding Green Office Space
  • Green RFPs and Sample Questions
  • Green Leasing: What to Look for and What to Avoid
  • Green Building Scorecard
  • Building a Green Workspace
  • Green Office Guide

The Green Office Toolkit is available at Jones Lang LaSalle's Going Green website.



Sarah Friedman, Vice President, Southwest Sustainability Practice Lead, discusses how Jones Lang LaSalle has created leading standards by improving operating efficiencies in building performance, implementing projects and programs that incorporate sustainable design elements, and by participating in the creation of sustainable strategies for global organizations that dramatically reduce Jones Lang LaSalle's footprint while helping their clients do the same.