Los Angeles Mission College

Mission Solar
The solar farm at L.A. Mission College features 1,128 solar panels

Los Angeles Mission College’s solar farm is located on the roof area of Parking Structure A, which was opened in July 2007. The solar farm is expected to generate enough electricity to meet the energy needs of the structure.

  • The solar farm consists of 1,128 modules and generates enough electricity to power about 22 average homes.
  • A 225 kilowatt inverter converts generated power and feeds it to an electrical switchboard located on the ground floor of the Parking Structure. From there, the renewable power is available for use throughout the campus, supplying energy to locations normally served by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.
  • The project will produce an estimated 250,000 kWh on a year basis -- 6% of Mission’s total annual electricity usage.
  • The solar panels cover about 17,000 square feet —roughly the size of a professional ice hockey rink.
  • Mission College currently spends an average of $450,000 a year on electricity costs, which accounts for 4% of the District’s total annual electricity costs.
  • The College estimates that it will see a reduction to its electricity bill of approximately $27,000 per year.
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