West L.A. College
West L.A. College’s Science and Math Building is designed to meet LEED silver standards

In 2002, the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees adopted a groundbreaking sustainability policy that balanced protecting the environment with the cost of modernizing the District’s nine colleges. Today, the LACCD is at the helm of a $6 billion Sustainable Building Program – one of the largest public-sector construction efforts in the nation.

New buildings that use significant bond funding must meet LEED™ standards, a national program administered by the U.S. Green Building Council. Approximately 85 buildings are expected to earn certification, making the LACCD the nation's first community college district to achieve this mark.

Structures are designed with eco-friendly features such as low-flush toilets, waterless urinals; drought-resistant landscaping and recycled materials.

Vendors and partners are encouraged to develop sustainable products, equipment and materials. Because of this, the LACCD has been a catalyst for the creation and production of green goods and new manufacturing techniques that have reduced the District's environmental impact and long-term costs.

The District has installed 42-inch flat screen monitors in new buildings to inform students, faculty and visitors about campus projects. The kiosks also provide information about the campuses' growing sustainability campaign. There are three big screens across the District – two at Los Angeles Harbor College and one at Los Angeles Southwest College. Each features touch-screen technology.

The LACCD has implemented a zero-landfill policy, which has reduced the amount of surplus assets sent to landfills by selling them at auction or to recycling companies.

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