Students examine fuel
L.A. Trade-Technical College students examine fuel in a biodiesel class

LAACD has adopted a wide variety of programs to help improve their sustainability ranging from buildings and operations improvements, to green curriculum and student resources.

Sustainable Building Program: The Sustainable Building Program is making a lasting impact on our nation's workforce and the regional economy through green building and education. The LACCD has developed sustainable facilities and curriculum models to address global warming and provide qualified workers for green-collar jobs.

Green College Curriculum & Initiative: A Green College Curriculum integrates sustainability and education to train students for green jobs in business, architecture, design, construction, utilities and transportation sectors. At L.A. Trade-Technical College, the District offers 52 green-related courses.

Renewable Energy Program: The Renewable Energy Program is centered on the use of non-carbon based renewable energy sources and sophisticated energy storage technologies to ultimately achieve energy independence for the District’s nine colleges.

Recycling Program: The recycling program is robust at the LACCD. More than 150 BigBelly recycle units have been placed on District campuses. The receptacles offer separate slots for recyclables and waste, and use solar power to compact the waste.

Mass Transit Program: To provide affordable transportation, the LACCD partnered with Metro to subsidize student monthly passes at its nine colleges. The program provides full-time students with a 90% discount per semester. The goal is to provide students with an alternative to driving and reduce carbon emissions.

Internship Program: