Bronson Court tot-lot
Bronson Court's tot-lot featuring a durable playground on a recycled surface

The Los Angeles Housing Partnership successfully integrated sustainable building practices to become one of the first award recipients of the Los Angeles Green Communities Program for affordable housing projects that meet or exceed overall standards of sustainability using the Green Communities Criteria.

LAHP continues to innovate in its design strategies for green buildings. Its latest development, Rosewood Gardens, is a multifamily housing project that has just completed construction and is targeting LEED Gold certification.

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Rosewood Gardens
Rosewood Gardens
Rosewood Gardens

Rosewood Gardens includes 54 senior apartments within the Vermont/Western Transit Oriented District and the Hollywood commercial corridor. The development, completed in December 2009, is an excellent example of infill development that combines smart growth and green building strategies. Designed by FSY Architects, Rosewood Gardens is expected to achieve LEED Gold certification. The development features numerous green elements including:

  • Sustainable design/renewable energy: rooftop photovoltaic solar energy system
  • Water-conserving measures: low-flow showerheads, toilets, and washing machines, rainwater catch system, drought tolerant native plants
  • Permeable surfaces to improve stormwater management and reduce runoff
  • Proximity to public transit, green space, community health services, retail and employment
  • Use of recyclable and recycled materials: Diverted 90% of construction waste
  • Improved indoor air quality/natural ventilation in the units and the common areas: Thermal comfort achieved through natural ventilation, ceiling fans, and sun breaking devices
  • 100% smoke free development
Seven Maples
Seven Maples’ Rooftop Deck
Seven Maples

Seven Maples lies within the Westlake Recovery Project Area, a transit oriented district along a retail corridor. Just a few blocks from MacArthur Park, the site is within easy walking distance of a major transportation hub, the MTA Red Line station, shopping, schools, parks, restaurants, banks, medical clinics and other neighborhood amenities. Seven Maples is the first green development in the MacArthur Park community of the City of Los Angeles. The new development includes 57 one-bedroom units, a spacious community room with full kitchen, computer lab, laundry room, central landscaped courtyard, many private balconies and two rooftop patios. Each unit is designed to maximize daylighting and flow-through ventilation.

The name, Seven Maples, was inspired by the landscape plan, which incorporates interior courtyards and pathways with shady maple trees to provide a respite from the heat of southern California. Seven Maples includes 57 newly constructed affordable, rental housing for active seniors. The development is home to a diverse population, many of whom lived within walking distance. With a focus on healthy living for senior residents and their guests, all units and common areas are 100% smoke-free. The common spaces are fully furnished with relaxing furniture from a local family owned business, and are complemented by a high tech learning center with Energy Star rated systems. Enhanced landscaping and energy efficient design and system specifications further contribute to a healthy environment. Energy saving measures include: long life fluorescent lamps, low flow water fixtures, and Energy Star rated appliances. Rooftop solar panels provide a renewable energy source and reduce resident electricity costs by over $700 per month. All new residents participate in a resident orientation workshop that focuses on the green features of the building. LAHP's demonstrated commitment to residents, allows the seniors of Seven Maples to have a sense of ownership at their residence.

Other green building features include:

  • Drip landscape irrigation
  • Energy Star rated and water-efficient appliances
  • Low flow kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Central laundry
  • Compact fluorescent lighting in interior and exterior spaces
  • Low VOC paints and primers
  • Low-VOC adhesives and sealants
  • Green Label Plus carpet pad
  • Green Label carpet
  • No added UREA formaldehyde on all cabinets
  • Linoleum flooring in bathrooms
  • Trex decking on rooftop decks
  • Over 90% of construction debris were diverted from landfills
  • Individual electric meters
  • Building performance exceeds Title 24 by 15%
  • Recycling room and recycling program
  • Kitchen and bathroom exhaust systems vent to exterior
  • Naturally ventilated parking garage to allow air flow
  • Hard surfaces at all entryways and unit doorways
  • Smoke free living
  • Rooftop photovoltaic solar panels
Bronson Court
Bronson Court
Bronson Court

Bronson Court’s 32 large units offer a mix of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments for low income families in Hollywood. The development replaces blighted housing and provides an showcase of sustainable design elements in the neighborhood. Designed to promote a healthy environment for large families, residents of Bronson Court Apartments enjoy a 100% Smoke Free development. Each apartment features natural light and cross ventilation, with private decks and balconies for most units. All kitchens are fully equipped with Energy Star rated appliances.

Common areas include a 1,000 square foot community room and learning center. The community room is furnished, includes a kitchen space for community events, and opens to the courtyard. Site amenities include a tot lot and recreational space. Native landscaping, with drought resistant plant material and well monitored irrigation systems, minimize watering needs. Colorful plant life embraces the Southern California weather and complements the architecture of the building. The proposed landscaping employs a variety of plant materials with diverse textures and will include a community garden, planters, and secured play areas visible from the community room and learning center.

Green Building Features:

  • Bamboo floors in the community room
  • Energy Use Reduction building exceeds Title 24 energy requirements
  • Energy Star appliances, light fixtures and window treatments
  • Indoor water-conserving fixtures such as low-flow fixtures, showerheads, toilets and washing machines
  • Outdoor water-conserving measures rainwater catch system, permeable surfaces and native plants
  • Close Proximity to public transportation, green space, schools, community health services, retail and employment
  • Compact fluorescent lighting in the interior and exterior
  • Low VOC paints and primers
  • Low-VOC adhesives and sealants
  • Green Label Plus carpet pad
  • Green Label carpet
  • No added UREA formaldehyde on all cabinets
  • Marmoleum natural flooring in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Roof top Photovoltaic solar energy system

The tot-lot includes a colorful, bouncy, recycled rubber surface, with durable playground equipment provided by a local supplier. Furnishings for the exterior common space and the community are made in the USA and purchased from a local supplier. . With community space and common areas powered by rooftop solar panels, and through residents adopting sustainable practices and policies taught at the green residents orientation, LAHP has saved over 75% on its utility bills for Bronson Court.



Mary Silverstein, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Housing Partnership, discusses the Partnership's teamwork and dedication in providing the community with green affordable multifamily homes that integrate sustainable practices such as energy efficiency, renewable resources, waste reduction and recycling.

LAHP was featured in a video at LA Business Council's 2011 Annual Sustainability Summit. To view the video click here.