Rosewood Gardens

Rosewood Gardens
Rosewood Gardens

Rosewood Gardens includes 54 senior apartments within the Vermont/Western Transit Oriented District and the Hollywood commercial corridor. The development, completed in December 2009, is an excellent example of infill development that combines smart growth and green building strategies. Designed by FSY Architects, Rosewood Gardens is expected to achieve LEED Gold certification. The development features numerous green elements including:

  • Sustainable design/renewable energy: rooftop photovoltaic solar energy system
  • Water-conserving measures: low-flow showerheads, toilets, and washing machines, rainwater catch system, drought tolerant native plants
  • Permeable surfaces to improve stormwater management and reduce runoff
  • Proximity to public transit, green space, community health services, retail and employment
  • Use of recyclable and recycled materials: Diverted 90% of construction waste
  • Improved indoor air quality/natural ventilation in the units and the common areas: Thermal comfort achieved through natural ventilation, ceiling fans, and sun breaking devices
  • 100% smoke free development
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