Heart of Los Angeles Youth Centers
Volunteers from Heart of Los Angeles Youth Centers partner with LAHP on neighborhood beautification projects.

LAHP has put in place several green practices and policies. To ensure sustainable projects, LAHP pursues LEED Silver certification or higher on new developments, with an emphasis on high density urban infill opportunities convenient to mass transit. Throughout the design and construction process, LAHP solicits advice and relies on best practices from industry leaders such as Global Green.

LAHP also partners with government agencies to help meet public development priorities, facilitate sustainable development, and promote smart growth. Strategic site selection, coupled with sustainable design and public infrastructure benefit, translated to over $6.2 million in grant awards for two recent affordable housing projects. Significant public lending partners include low income housing tax credits (federal and state) from the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC), state of California Housing and Community Development (HCD) programs such as the Prop 1C Infill Infrastructure Grant (IIG) and multifamily housing program (MHP), local funding from the Community Redevelopment Agency, Los Angeles (CRA/LA), Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) Affordable Housing Trust Fund and Permanent Supportive Housing Program, as well as grants from Enterprise Green Communities and the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) administered by Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) based in San Francisco. LAHP has also worked with private lending/equity partners including Citi, Wells Fargo, and Hudson Housing Capital.

In addition to smart growth policies, LAHP promotes green practices within its housing projects. LAHP mandates the use of Energy Star qualified appliances to reduce water and energy use and lower utility costs for residents in all of its new projects. Further, in cooperation with local organizations, LAHP facilitates and promotes local recycling programs to divert residential waste and encourage product reuse. Finally, LAHP established a policy in 2007 requiring that all new construction developments be 100% smoke free, creating a healthier indoor and outdoor environment for all residents and completely eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke.

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