LAHP’s popular FoodBank program

LAHP has adopted numerous programs to help reduce its carbon footprint and improve resident quality of life at its multifamily apartment complexes. In cooperation with the Citibank Foundation and the Heart of Los Angeles Youth Center (HOLA), LAHP runs a successful youth recycling program to educate its youngest residents about the benefits and proper methods of recycling. In addition, in 2008 LAHP established a novel Foodbank program. Twice a month, LAHP staff collects and distributes fresh produce from a local farmer’s market; normally discarded, the “daily leftovers” are given to grateful local residents. As a natural complement, LAHP collaborates with HOLA to facilitate a healthy cooking class.

LAHP has also been instrumental in the growth of the Solid Waste Diversion Program within the Bureau of Sanitation’s Multifamily Residential Recycling Program. Immediately after the program launched in July 2007, LAHP enrolled all of its multifamily residential properties into the program. Within one year, LAHP developments successfully diverted over 9 tons of recycled materials from local landfills to recycling centers.

Beyond its implementation of resident programs, LAHP has committed time and resources to more comprehensively understand the risks and rewards of sustainable development. In 2009, over 70% of the staff, including the Office Manager and Community Liaison, became LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED APs). Education offers long term benefits including the ability to identify appropriate sustainable building methods, to quantify incremental costs, and to recapture investments in sustainability through long term savings. Using the LEED framework, LAHP now implements innovative design techniques on all new developments.

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