Town Plaza Park
Los Gatos Town Plaza Park

Los Gatos has adopted policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help finance energy and water efficiency improvements, reduce waste and conserve water and energy.  These policies include:

  • Water Conservation: Since 1992, the Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance has promoted water conservation and efficiency. All new commercial developments and residential developments of five or more units are subject to this ordinance, which encourages the use of recycled water irrigation and requires developers to calculate water allowance and use.
  • Building Material Reuse: Local code requires developers to provide the public with the opportunity to salvage building materials from demolished structures. Developers must advertise in a newspaper when the structure is available for salvaging. Additionally the code requires recycling for all wood, metal, glass, and aluminum materials generated during demolition.
  • Finance Options: Through the California FIRST program, the Town provides homeowners with finance options tied to property taxes to reduce the upfront cost of energy and water efficiency improvements. Additionally, the Town is pursuing a long-term power purchase agreement that would allow the town to buy power at or below market rate from solar energy generated with leased equipment.
  • General Plan: The Town’s General Plan Update recognizes the Town’s impact on the climate and identifies goals and policies to help reduce its impact and articulate a commitment to sustainability. The Update also supports use alternate transportation methods and policies to improve walkability.

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