solar trash compactor
Solar powered trash compactors encourage recycling and reduce heavy-duty vehicle mileage.

Los Gatos has instituted several programs that help employees and residents reduce waste and lower energy, water and gasoline use.

Waste Reduction

  • Large Capacity Solar Powered Trash Compactors: The Town has introduced a solar powered trash pilot a program in the Downtown shopping district. The compactors hold far more waste than the standard receptacle, ultimately reducing vehicle pick up trips, and include a recycling component.
  • Community Outreach: Every April, the Town celebrates Keep Los Gatos Beautiful Month with events and campaigns as tools to promote community-wide sustainability. The events include celebrating National Arbor Day and Earth Day, hosting a Tree City USA tree planting, organizing clean-up events, thermometer exchanges, composting presentations and education, e-waste recycling events, recycling education and reusable bag giveaways.
  • Reusable Water Bottles: The Town gave all employees reusable water bottles and has installed water coolers throughout main work areas to reduce waste from disposable plas