Hilton Head Aquatic Park

Hilton Head  Park
Children playing at the Hilton Head Aquatic Park

Hilton Head County Park is a 10-acre community park located in Rancho San Diego. The park is filled with nautical spray features and showcases a concrete pad with etched images of dolphins and whales playfully swimming alongside a pirate ship. Imagination, play value, public health and safety were large factors and considerations integrated into the development of this aquatic park; however, the main consideration and design objective of the park was to build a model for water conservation and energy efficiency.

The aquatic playground uses activators and controllers that run on a 7 minute sequence when a child hits the activator. This means that the playground is only operational when children are actually playing in the water and continuously running around. This reduces water evaporation, power usage and unused water drainage into the water treatment system.

The Park also uses a Waterplay 200 gallons per minute (GPM) treatment system that was selected for the aquatic playground because it significantly reduces spray park water consumption while maintaining safety to public health through a process of filtration and disinfection. This new innovative recirculating water treatment system provides broad-spectrum, bacteria-killing chlorinated and ultraviolet disinfection.

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