North County Regional Center

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North County Regional Center's ultra-efficient all-variable speed chiller plant

The North County Regional Center (NCRC), located in the City of Vista, is a multi-structure facility built in various phases over the past 30 years. The facility, encompassing 590,000 square feet, is primarily comprised of a detention area, administrative offices, courtrooms, general office space and equipment and maintenance areas. The detention areas and Sheriffs’ administrative offices operate 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.

Major energy-related projects at NCRC reduced utility costs by 14% and save 697 metric tons annually.  These projects, which were funded in part by San Diego Gas & Electric's Energy Savings Bid Program, include:

  • The 1,725-ton chiller plant was retrofitted with variable frequency drives on all three centrifugal chillers, all cooling tower fans, all primary and secondary chilled water pumps and all condenser pumps. The Hartman LOOP control sequence was programmed into the energy management system and used to control the all-variable speed chilled water plant. These improvements resulted in an annual energy reduction of 45 percent (1,260,000 kWh/Yr).
  • A 100 kW roof-mounted photovoltaic system was installed for on-site electricity generation (155,000 kWh/Yr). Both the all-variable speed central plant upgrade and the photovoltaic system were financed through a California Energy Commission low interest loan.
  • New Terminal Regulated Air Volume (TRAV) technology for air handling units AHU-1 thru 5 resulting in a two year simple payback (280,000 kWh/Yr and 7,400 Therms/Yr)
  • Implemented a Demand Control Ventilation sequence for air handling units AHU-1 thru 5 resulting in a 2.5 year simple payback (57,000 kWh/Yr and 7,000 Therms/Yr)
  • Instituted commissioning & monitoring services to ensure savings from the investment in energy efficiency projects and services.
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