permit approval
Waiving fees and approving permits increases green building designs and construction

The County of San Diego’s policies and operations affect virtually every individual and visitor to San Diego County, as well as, businesses, other governmental organizations and Mexico. Through it's 57 departments, the County's policies and operations impact diverse areas such as air and water quality, the food people eat, the roads they drive on, community safety, recreational and educational activities, health services, elections, construction, and many others.

The County has adopted a Strategic Energy Plan to provide a comprehensive roadmap for achieving the County’s goals by setting specific objectives and identifying specific execution strategies in the areas of energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability programs, water conservation and reduced emissions.  Through the Strategic Energy Plan, Board of Supervisor Policies, County Administrative Manual and General Plan, San Diego has adopted numerous environmental goals and policies, including:

  • Green Energy
    • Water Efficiency
    • Waste Reduction
    • Green Building
    • Clean Vehicles
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