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To achieve its goals of improving the sustainability of its community and its own operations, the County of San Diego has adopted programs and partnerships which support sustainability adoption.

  • San Diego Gas & Electric Partnership Program - Funds staff labor, consultants, training and outreach to assist with energy program development.
  • Go Solar Program  - Partners with private sector to offer property owners information and access to a variety of commercial banks willing to make loans to qualified borrowers who are interested in making energy efficiency and/or solar energy property improvements.
  • Community Outreach - Promotes green building design at rural planning groups and community education through park ranger presentations and county parks.
  • Lawn Mower Trade-in Program - Reduces emissions and replaces used gasoline mowers for new electric mowers at low cost to residents.
  • Green Building Program - Streamlines approvals and reduces fees for incorporating green features into private development.
  • Green Business Program - Encourage adoption of "green" practices among businesses in the region by offering tools to implement more efficient and sustainable operations.
  • Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Program – Provide recycling facilities for unincorporated areas to properly dispose of mercury-containing CFLs and fluorescent tubes.
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