Synthetic turf used on baseball fields reduces energy and water usage

In addition to undertaking programs which help encourage adoption of sustainability by its residents, San Diego County has also installed innovative technology products which improve the efficiency of its own operations, and show the feasibility of adoption for other California local governments interested in improving the sustainability of their operations.

  • Landfill Gas Energy Production - Reduces emissions--decreases electricity production from fossil fuel plants resulting in lower emissions and decreases dependence on outside fuel sources.
  • Detention Facility Water Conservation Project - Electronically controlled flush valve system to reduce gallons per flush and over-flushing abuse.
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory - Including utility software upgrades which automatically convert utility usage into GHG emissions for creating a baseline for establishing goals and tracking San Diego County’s progress.
  • Recycled Blue Jeans for Ceiling Insulations - Conserves resources, reduces manufacturing energy input and diverts solid waste from the landfill.
  • Synthetic Turf for Ball Fields - Reduces water usage, water pumping energy use, greatly reduces stormwater pollution from chemicals and eliminates fuel for mowing.
  • Real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking - Increases the efficient use of vehicles by optimizing routing.
  • Electronic Paper System - Avoids physical transfer of files to transfer to different locations for health and legal processes.
  • Second Generation LED Traffic Signals - Provide state-of-the-art technology with higher efficiency and longer life
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