inflatable dam
A "purple pipe" provides recycled water to an agricultural customer.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is the primary water resources agency for Santa Clara County, California. The District manages the county’s drinking water resources, provides water to thirteen water retailers, coordinates flood protection for its 1.8 million residents, and serves as steward of the county's more than 800 miles of streams and 10 district-built reservoirs.

The District‘s mission is to provide a healthy, safe, and enhanced quality of living in Santa Clara County for current and future generations through watershed stewardship and comprehensive management of water resources in a practical, cost-effective, and environmentally sensitive manner. The District’s guiding principles for carrying out its mission are:

  • An integrated approach in managing a sustainable water supply
  • Effective natural flood protection and healthy watersheds
  • Net positive impact on the environment

The District has become one of California’s Sustainability leaders. The District’s best practices include:

  • A Board resolution and explicit policy direction to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and apply current understanding of climate change mitigation and adaptation to future planning   
  • A Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program as a part of the ISO 9000/14001 Quality and Environmental Management System
  • A comprehensive Water Conservation Program
  • The expansion of recycled water production including the construction of the state-of-the-art South Bay Advanced Treatment Facility
  • A Climate Change Portal to disseminate information to employees and educate the public on water-related climate change issues
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