Climate Change Portal

Climate Change Portal
The District’s Climate Change Portal includes tools and information to educate employees and the public, including a map on the local impacts of sea level rise.

The District operates a Climate Change Portal that started off as a tool to disseminate the most recent information on climate change impacts and mitigation and adaption strategies to internal employees. As part of the Quality and Environmental Management System, all divisions of the District were instructed to consider climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as resource efficiency in all projects. The portal centralizes the most up-to-date climate change information to ensure all divisions and levels have equal access to the best available information to inform their decisions. 

The portal has grown to reach audiences well beyond the District. It ranks among the top five climate change portals in Google searches. It’s now a tool for the District to engage the community and inform the public on the importance of climate change, water supply, conservation, environmental stewardship, and flood protection issues for the future. 

The portal offers information on how climate change will affect sea level rise, groundwater availability, and infrastructure asset management. One of its educational features is an interactive Google map illustrating sea level rise in Santa Clara County.  The portal’s blog keeps its readers up to date on climate related issues in the news. 

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