Water Wise House Call

inflatable dam
A district staff person provides water saving tips to a homeowner during a Water Wise House Call.

One of the District’s many efficiency programs is the Water-Wise House Call, a free water use survey in which a member of the District’s staff comes to a customer’s home and identifies water savings opportunities. Conducting a house call involves calculating water use, teaching homeowners to read water meters, surveying the irrigation system, and showing homeowners simple ways to save water both indoors and out. Homeowners receive a prioritized list so they can start using water as efficiently as possible and help meet the District’s voluntary 10% residential water savings goal.

The District developed a video of a virtual Water-Wise House Call to educate customers.  During a house call a surveyor will:

  • Replace leaking toilet flapper valves
  • Measure showerhead flow rates and install free showerheads
  • Measure faucet flow rates and provide faucet aerators for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Evaluate the efficiency of irrigation systems
  • Provide homeowners with a personalized irrigation schedule
  • Identify irrigation leaks, broken or mismatched sprinkler heads, high water pressure, and other common problems
  • Provide additional tips on water saving actions
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