Solar Santa Monica

Solar Santa Monica promotes the installation of solar panels

Solar Santa Monica is a city-sponsored program that assists the community in reducing energy usage and reliance on fossil fuels. Now in its third year, the Solar Santa Monica Program educates the Santa Monica community on the benefits of combining solar energy with energy efficiency. The program offers residents and businesses assistance throughout the process of installing solar panels with free services including energy audits, evaluation of potential for rooftop solar installations, and assistance on bids received by solar contractors for rooftop installations.

Solar Santa Monica emphasizes:

  • A free, comprehensive On-Site Solar Assessment with written Report and recommendations.
  • Referrals to specialized solar lenders.
  • Referrals to other specialists such as plumbers, roofers, etc.
  • Assistance with comparing competing bids for solar or efficiency home-upgrade projects.

The program is funded collaboratively by residents, businesses, the City, utilities, the State and Federal government, vendors, installers, and lenders. Although Santa Monica does notpay for solar installations the city waives the solar permit fee and expedites permitting costs. To date, Solar Santa Monica has contributed to doubling residential and business the solar capacity with a total of 139 grid connected solar projects representing 926 kilowatts of capacity.

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