Climate Action

Fleet hybrids
Fleet plug-in hybrids

All nine of the cities in Sonoma, along with the County itself, have pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). As the largest energy user in Sonoma County, SCWA recognizes its capacity to contribute significantly to Sonoma County’s energy goals and impacts on the environment. Accordingly, the Agency has taken several actions to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Energy Audits – In 2008, the Agency created a program called the Wine Industry Greenhouse Gas Accounting. This program provides free energy audits to help wineries identify areas of improvement and help them prepare for AB 32 regulations. As of 2009, the Agency had contacted all wineries located in Sonoma County to offer an audit. For more information about the online accounting tool used in the audit process, visit the Wine Institute's website.
  • Fleet Vehicles – The Agency purchased its first hybrid electric vehicle in 2006 and subsequently had Hymotion convert the vehicle to plug-in technologyBy late 2009, hybrids and plug‐in hybrids made up 22% of the Agency’s 147-vehicle fleet. The Agency installed 13 charging stations in between its administration building, its operations and maintenance center, and the Sonoma Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant, to support its plug-in vehicles.

In 2009, the Agency initiated the Sonoma County Local Government Electric Vehicle Partnership to promote a county‐wide charging station infrastructure to support the use of electric vehicles and reduce greenhouse gases. This partnership aims to enable and encourage the purchase of 1,000 electric vehicles in Sonoma County.

By providing wineries with the resource to account for their greenhouse gases and by reducing vehicle emissions within their own fleet, the Agency has demonstrated a proactive approach to corporate and community emission reductions.

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