Thomas Properties Group

A pioneer in sustainable development, Thomas Properties Group's (TPG’s) first experience in green building was with the Playa Vista planned community that started in 1989. TPG was instrumental in planning and entitling the 1st phase of the 1,087 acres development between 1989 through 1998. The community is an example of high density and mixed use urban infill that is also pedestrian and environmentally friendly. 

TPG mission

Playa Vista was ahead of its time and was deemed as one of the most forward thinking communities that has won many environmental awards.  Another pioneer in green development is the Cal EPA building that started in 1998, only five years after the founding of the USGBC. 

This award winning building was designed and constructed to incorporate sustainable, yet economically competitive, building practices and soon became the first LEED® EB Platinum high rise in the nation. 

Following the completion of the Cal EPA building, Thomas Properties Group continued to incorporate green practices in the development and operations of their portfolio and has consistently been a participant in the various USGBC pilot programs. 

Today, TPG is committed to greening their entire portfolio of existing buildings and new developments and was among the first real estate investment firms to create a “Green Fund”. A fund created to invest solely in developing and redeveloping high-performance, energy efficient (“Green&rdqu