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The Cal EPA building

Partnerships and programs are an integral part of achieving TPG’s sustainability goals. That’s why TPG is continually in the forefront of working with industry leaders and organizations on green program initiatives such as being the first major Real Estate company to join the California Climate Action Registry, to voluntarily measure and report their company-wide emissions.

Because of their reputation as a green leader, TPG is periodically invited to participate in new industry initiatives and discussions. TPG was invited by the California Sustainability Alliance to be a representative for their market sector in discussions about gaining support for the widespread voluntary adoption of sustainability and to help develop the Green Leases Toolkit, an endeavor that is achieving national interest.


TPG has developed energy efficiency Best Management Practices including a partnership with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

TPG’s average Energy Star score shows their portfolio of properties are outperforming the national average by 36%. TPG’s average portfolio score is 86 (out of 100).

As an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Partner, TPG is... • managing energy and water consumption for all buildings; • rating building energy performance; • setting investments priorities; • verifying and tracking progress of improvements; and • gaining EPA recognition.

Learn more about the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.


TPG has been a U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) National Member since 2003. The company is also a founding sponsor of the USGBC's LA Chapter and has been a continual participant in the USGBC pilot programs.

The following is a list of the pilot programs TPG has or is currently participating in: • LEED EB (Cal EPA development) • LEED CS (Four Points Centre development) • LEED ND (NBCU Back Lot development) • LEED AGMBC (CES development) • LEED EB/Volume (Existing Building Portfolio)

Additionally, TPG is participating in the Austin Green Building Program and is set to receive a rating for buildings 1 & 2 at Four Points Centre Office Buildings in Texas. Learn more about the USGBC.


TPG is the first major real estate company to join the California Climate Action Registry, a non-profit private partnership that serves as a voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) registry to protect, encourage, and promote early actions to reduce GHG emissions.

TPG is taking steps to voluntarily measure and report its company-wide emissions. TPG believes measuring its footprint will: (1) assist in managing risk; (2) prepare for trading; (3) demonstrate environmental leadership; (4) demonstrate action on GHG emissions; and (5) assist with staying ahead & preparing for upcoming regulations.

Learn more about the Climate Action Registry.


In an effort to help support industry-wide education, TPG participated in the development of the California Sustainability Alliance Green Leases Toolkit, which has gained national recognition.

The purpose and function of the toolkit is to support tenants and landlords in the greening of leasehold sites by incorporating specific tools.

Learn more about the Green Leases Toolkit.

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