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The Cal EPA building

TPG is committed to greening all of their current and future development projects.

With Four Points Centre Buildings 1 and 2 targeting LEED CS Silver Certification, Campus El Segundo Building 8 being pre-certified LEED CS Gold, and the MetroStudio@Lankershim project having a LEED NC Gold target they are well on their way to fulfilling their goal.

TPG wants its facilities to be known as healthy and productive environments that meet current and emerging standards.

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The Cal EPA building
The Cal EPA building

A milestone in sustainable development, the Cal EPA building was the first LEED EB Platinum high rise built and has been recognized nationally, winning over 10 environmental awards since 2002.  TPG developed the building and has continued to successfully manage the day-to-day operations.

Sustainable Highlights:

  • First LEED EB Platinum high rise in the US
  • Building efficiencies save the tenant, the State of CA, over $1.4 million annually in operating costs
  • 52% reduction in overall water use
  • 26% More Energy Efficient than code
  • ENERGY STAR labeled with a rating of 99

Sample Operational Improvements:

  • Daytime janitorial services reduced energy consumption by 8% and realized annual utility savings of $100,000
  • Heating and cooling technology improvements for total savings of $25,000 per year
  • Waste management program diverts approximately 10 tons of waste from landfills at a savings of $50 per ton
  • Elimination of garbage can liners in each office space eliminated $60,000 in annual purchases and use of reusable cloth bags in the centrally located recycling bins saves $20,000 per year

cal epa

Sample Green Features:

  • U.V. reflecting modular precast panels, energy efficient LED lighting,1ft solar shade overhangs, high performance glass
  • High-efficiency chillers (basement)
  • Recycled & renewable materials throughout
  • Xeriscaped entryway
  • Strategically located high-efficiency HVAC fans
  • Low wall zone around perimeter for natural light
  • 150 bicycle parking spaces & showers
  • Tower oriented north/south minimizes heat gain
  • Smoking policy
  • Green cleaning program
  • Recycling programs

To learn more, download the Cal/EPA LEED-EB Project Case Study

Campus El Segundo
Campus El Segundo
Campus El Segundo

Campus El Segundo will be a model for its sustainable design, construction and on-going operations.

This transit oriented development is Pre-Certified LEED CS Gold by the U.S Green Building Council. The Campus El Segundo facilities were designed to integrate the latest in energy and water efficiency, waste and greenhouse gas reductions and be a healthy and productive environment for the building occupants.

TPG will also pursue LEED EB certification for its operations to ensure a continuous efficiency and sustainable management.

el segundo

Sustainable Highlights:

  • Targeting ENERGY STAR rating of at least 90
  • 100% of irrigational and sewage conveyance will be met with reclaimed water
  • Targeting 30-40% reduction in water use
  • Targeting energy efficiency of at least 20% above Title 24 requirements
  • Reducing at least 75% of construction waste to landfills
  • Targeting 40-50% reduction in carbon emissions
City National Plaza
City National Plaza
City National Plaza

City National Plaza consists of two 51 story high rise towers and plaza building equating to 2.5 million square feet located in downtown Los Angeles.  Registered with the USGBC’s LEED EB program, City National Plaza is targeting LEED EB O&M Gold Certification.  Purchased in 2003 by TPG, the property has been in the process of a major redevelopment.

Sustainability Highlights:

  • LEED EB O&M certification in progress
  • Energy Star Partner. 90 Energy Star Rating out of 100
  • 41% more energy efficient than the national average
  • Increased occupancy by 53% in the last five years while total electricity consumption has increased by only 3%
  • City National Plaza now uses 35% less energy consumption on an occupied RSF basis
  • Saved $5.1 million in electricity costs since 2004
  • Building automation system (BAS) controls key building systems, reducing building energy & maintenance costs
  • 20% reduction of indoor plumbing water use
  • Transit oriented property diverting an average of 600 daily passengers to public transportation via its three environmentally friendly Natural Gas shuttle buses
  • Target 75% diversion rate of construction waste from landfills
  • Heat island reduction - 100% of parking spaces under cover
  • High-performance filtration equipment increases indoor air quality


MetroStudio at Lankershim
MetroStudio at Lankershim

The MetroStudio at Lankershim will be a model for excellence in television, production and a leading example of sustainable “green” design, construction and transit oriented development.

The proposed project is on track to achieve LEED NC rating at the Gold certification level for design and construction as well as its ongoing operations.  It will integrate the latest in energy and water efficient technologies and the interior will be a healthy and productive space for the building occupants.


Sustainability Highlights:

  • Target LEED NC Gold
  • Smart growth and transit oriented development
  • Targeting 30% reduction in water use
  • Targeting ENERGY STAR rating of 90
  • Designing a healthy and productive space by improving indoor air quality and maximizing daylight and views and occupant controllability of systems
  • Targeting 90% reduction of construction waste to landfills
  • Reducing storm water runoff and increasing on site infiltration
  • Targeting 40-50% reduction in carbon emissions
NBC Universal
NBC Universal Backlot
NBC Universal

Thomas Properties Group was selected by GE as the master developer for the NBCU Vision Plan, a long range plan for the Universal Studios Hollywood site in Los Angeles, CA.

The project has been selected as a pilot project for the LEED ND (neighborhood development) program. When completed, this mixed use urban development will have over 35 acres of open space and an extensive community park and recreation program and will be the first mixed-use high rise village of this nature in the city of Los Angeles.


Sustainability Highlights:

  • LEED ND Pilot
  • Goal LEED Certification
  • Urban infill location
  • Smart growth community development
  • Pedestrian friendly environment with an advanced planning streetscape system integrating sustainability features
  • Higher density housing to increase public spaces and promote urban community synergies
  • Expand the City of Los Angeles public infrastructure for reclaimed water systems
  • Significant energy and water conservation plans


Representatives from Thomas Properties Group, Inc. discuss how the company has made sustainability a key element of their business proposition, applying green building considerations to all aspects of their business including development, investments, leasing and operations.