Green Policies

EPA Courtyard

TPG has developed a series of company-wide Green Policies to be implemented across its Portfolio of Existing Buildings.

TPG’s Green Policies include:

  • Building Exterior & Hardscape Management Plan
  • Integrated Pest Management, Erosion Control, and Landscape Management Plan
  • Cooling Tower Management – Pending
  • Sustainable Purchasing Policy
  • Solid Waste Management Policies
  • Green Cleaning Policy
  • High Performance Cleaning Program

These policies will become an integral part of day-to-day operations at TPG properties.

Innovative strategies are continually being developed by TPG in the effort to maximize efficiencies, create healthier environments for its tenants, minimize environmental impacts of their building operations and reduce operating expenses.


TPG and Cal/EPA are jointly constructing a new transportation web site that will:
• Act as a clearinghouse for carpool and shared commute opportunities.
• Feature a section for longer, non-routine trips. For example, the itinerary of upcoming trip to Portland in October could be posted in advance, with the opportunity of sharing costs with other riders. When a match is made, typical environmental impact reductions are calculated, including gasoline and carbon output reductions.
• Routinely update public transportation schedules, including both local and regional systems.
• Assist with timely responses to public transportation inquiries.

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