town plaza

A calm oasis to nearby Silicon Valley, the Town of Los Gatos boasts a top tier education system, beautiful parks, and diverse shopping experiences. Los Gatos’ committed government has conscientiously worked to create a livable community with sensible solutions for people and the environment— such as the award-winning pedestrian-friendly downtown, which is a cornerstone of daily life and a model for functional, earth-friendly planning and development.

Enhancing quality of life in Los Gatos is a core mission of The Town. As such, establishing a sustainable relationship with Los Gatos’ beautiful natural surroundings features prominently within the local government’s activities. Additionally, the government strives to provide a working environment that promotes excellence, fosters cooperation, values volunteerism, and seeks to meet the needs of the community. Los Gatos’ Conservation, Recycling and Sustainability program marries the function and mission of the local government by establishing multi-faceted initiatives that maximizes waste diversion and resource efficiency.

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