Much of the credit for UC's Sustainability initiative belongs to the students who first brought this issue to the Regents in 2002. Since then, UC students have been instrumental in shaping and implementing the University's sustainability policy. Students have also played a crucial role in educating faculty, administrators, staff, and their peers about environmental stewardship and campus sustainability.

There are several noteworthy efforts on UC campuses by students.  Of note, UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz each have a student fee referendum to fund campus sustainability projects.

Recognizing the potential of students as future leaders in a rapidly expanding field of environmental management and sustainable development, the University of California seeks to fulfill its fundamental mission of teaching, research and public service through a broad array of sustainability curriculum.  Today, courses that address sustainability can be found in nearly every department at all UC campuses, from student-organized courses, to freshman seminars, to courses that use the campus as a living laboratory for improving sustainable practices.


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