The California Lighting and Technology Center’s (CLTC’s) mission is to stimulate, facilitate and accelerate the development and application of energy efficient lighting and daylight technology.  This is accomplished through facilitating technology development and demonstrations, as well as offering outreach and education activities in partnership with utilities, lighting manufacturers, end users, builders, designers, researchers, academician and governmental agencies.

The Institute for Energy Efficiency was established on the foundation of world-leading research in technologies that impact energy efficiency.  These activities will change the way people around the world think about, produce, and use energy, while educating and training a new generation of energy technologists for the emerging energy economy.

The Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) focuses on designing, testing, and disseminating renewable and appropriate energy systems.  The laboratory’s mission is to help these technologies realize their full potential to contribute to environmentally sustainable development  in both industrialized and developing nations while addressing the cultural context and range of potential social impacts of any new technology or resource management system.

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