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An Energy Star qualified EcoHD TV from Vizio
An Energy Star qualified EcoHD TV from Vizio


With the introduction of Version 3.0 Energy Star TV specifications in November 2008, energy efficient televisions are now mainstream. Just how mainstream? Well, Insignia, a major television manufacturer, announced in November that all of its LCD televisions will now be Energy Star compliant, with some beating the requirements by 15% or more. Shortly thereafter, Vizio announced that 100% of its HDTVs being shipped to US and Canadian retailers are also now Energy Star compliant, with nine models exceeding the standard by up to 25%. And in early 2009, RCA followed suit, qualifying all of its HDTV products under the new Energy Star specifications. Several different models are available, from value-priced to high-end units, with sizes ranging from 22 to 52 inches.

Customers appear very pleased with the quality of their Energy Star labeled televisions. "I love the picture and the sound quality is excellent," wrote one consumer on the RCA website. Another stated, "we bought this TV approximately a month ago and are still blown away with the quality." Clearly, Energy Star televisions are ready for prime time.

These are not the only brands that have found success with Energy Star, however. Other brands with at least ten Energy Star qualified products include:

• Sylvania
• LG
• Sansui
• Panasonic
• Philips
• Samsung
• Sharp
• Sony
• Toshiba
• ViewSonic

With so many Energy Star qualified models available from so many trusted brands, it's easy to save energy. Just look for the Energy Star logo when you're shopping for a new TV - you'll find products with great quality and durability, and low power consumption.



Photo Credit: Courtesy of VIZIO EcoHD TVs; Vizio VF550VT

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