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An Energy Star qualified television from ViewSonic
An Energy Star qualified television from ViewSonic


With the establishment of the Version 3.0 Energy Star specifications in late 2008, televisions are rapidly becoming more energy efficient. In fact, the program is already so successful that some are looking to increase efficiency even more, particularly in light of California's new television energy efficiency regulations.

The Energy Star program already plans to increase the energy efficiency requirements for its voluntary labeling program in late 2010. Meanwhile, supported by numerous utilities and public interest organizations, in November 2009 the California Energy Commission approved new television standards. These standards, based on the Energy Star program, mandate a 33% reduction in electricity consumption by 2011 and a 49% reduction by 2013.

While not all manufacturers like to see mandatory limits to energy consumption, they are already pursuing significant energy reductions on a voluntary basis. Many products advertise savings of 15% or more above Energy Star requirements, and one plasma television boasts a two-thirds reduction in power consumption relative to 2007 models. In fact, over 100 television models already meet the specifications that California is mandating for 2013.

So what can you do? Whether you're a homeowner or running a business, make sure that any television you purchase is Energy Star labeled. To go the extra mile, compare products on the Energy Star website. Search for products by brand, screen size, and screen type (LCD, plasma, etc), and sort the results by power consumption to find the most energy efficient products.


Photo Credit: Image reprinted with permission from ViewSonic Corporation; ViewSonic VT2230

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