San Joaquin

Located near the geographic center of California, the San Joaquin Valley has been plagued with high unemployment for at least the last two decades. The Fresno Regional Jobs Initiative (RJI) provides a framework for economic development that can serve energy efficiency programs.

The RJI has identified 9 economic clusters to drive economic growth in the region (water technology, agile manufacturing, information processing, tourism, logistics and distributions, healthcare, construction, food technology, and innovative energy). This cluster-based approach has several characteristics that supported a CALeep pilot project: First, each cluster is composed of a private-public partnership and employs unique end-use technologies and operating modes. Second, the partnership can facilitate sector access as a means to collect and organize planning information. Third, the approach supports evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) baseline impact demonstration. Finally, the RJI was not created as an energy efficiency program and therefore would present little overlap with energy efficiency efforts.

The San Joaquin Valley pilot project contributed to CALeep's experience base and enabled local governments in California to effectively implement energy efficiency programs.

CALeep San Joaquin Valley Pilot Objectives

  • Develop a value proposition around using the RJI as an energy efficiency channel
  • Develop a matrix of energy efficiency opportunities for the RJI employment clusters and select a limited number of clusters for further analysis.
  • Develop the value proposition for specific employment clusters and obtain buy-in from each cluster leadership, promoting the value of energy efficiency in lowering member operating costs, enhancing their competitive positions, and potentially sustaining/building market share.
  • Assist each targeted cluster in performing energy audits of their operations and recommending energy efficiency upgrades as needed, and map available technical and financial resources to high-potential energy efficiency projects.
  • Identify opportunities to provide training associated with Title 24 compliance, inspection and practice review (construction cluster)
  • Initiate training program development discussions and gain acceptance from stakeholders.

San Joaquin Valley Roadmap