Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance

VCREA is a joint powers agency that currently has eight members: County of Ventura; Cities of Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, San Buenaventura and Santa Paula; Ventura County Community College District; Ventura Regional Sanitation District; and the Casitas Municipal Water District.

VCREA was formed in 2003 to spearhead energy efficiency, renewable resource development, and other sustainable energy efforts in the region. Through its Energy Resource Center (ERC), VCREA provides training and information-based programs to promote energy efficiency.

The goal of the VCREA pilot program was to develop and demonstrate a coordinated process that enables local government entities and businesses to work together to assess, identify, prioritize and prepare for funding green building projects. By implementing this process, the chances for obtaining funding for project implementation can be greatly enhanced so that the projects are advanced from the planning stage to the construction stage.

CALeep VCREA Pilot Objectives

  • Identify and screen "green building" energy efficiency projects associated with both retrofit and new construction and then package these projects in order to solicit implementation funding support through a variety of sources, including utility energy efficiency programs.
  • Reach out to the community to provide information about green buildings that will help developers, architects and local governments more effectively learn about, choose among, overcome barriers to, and implement green building projects and policies.
  • Utilize existing and planned projects as "case studies" to illustrate how energy efficiency savings can be accomplished.
  • Develop a funding plan suitable for application for future funding.

Final Pilot Program Report for Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance