Emerald Riverside

On January 27, 2009, the City of Riverside became the first city to join the Emerald California pilot program. Riverside was selected due to its long history of leadership in sustainable activities and its commitment to help the state achieve its environmental priorities.  The Emerald California Pilot Program is a public-private partnership that works with cities that have agreed to help California reach its statewide resources and environmental goals.  Through hands-on technical assistance and financial assistance, the partnership is helping the City of Riverside stretch to become more green.

Mayor of Riverside with Department of Conservation Director Bridgett Luther
Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge with Department of Conservation Director Bridgett Luther.

Through the Emerald California program, the California Sustainability Alliance has worked collaboratively with Riverside and the California Department of Conservation to identify opportunities to “stretch” the city’s existing sustainability goals in eight high priority policy areas, including reducing energy and water usage, improving access to open space, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  In addition, the Alliance helped the city assess its existing and best practices for future water efficiency and energy efficiency programs.  The Alliance also helped the city’s Green Team, an interdepartmental group of City employees, identify areas in which the city can become a national leader in sustainability.

Lessons learned from the Emerald Riverside and the other Emerald California Pilot Cities will be used to help other California cities join Riverside in adopting sustainable practices and in meeting the state’s environmental goals.

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