Clean and Green Principles

clean and green

The Clean and Green Task Force was formed in 2005 by Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge to identify opportunities for the city to alter its practices to become more sustainable and to improve air quality.  The Task Force was comprised of city councilmembers, city staff, and community leaders from a wide range of backgrounds including academia, business, civic organizations, and community and faith organizations.  The Task Force was charged with reviewing existing city environmental programs, discussing future applications, and exploring the following broad areas of interest:

  • Public policies, regulations, guidelines and implementation programs
  • Regional sustainability issues
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Green building programs
  • Facilities operations and maintenance
  • Sustainable enterprise

The excellent work of the Task Force resulted in their adoption of the Sustainable Riverside Policy Statement, “Save Water, Keep it Clean, Make it Solar, Make it Shady, Clean the Air, Save Fuel, Make it Smart, and Build Green,” wh