To achieve its environmental stretch goals, Riverside is developing and implementing a variety of innovative programs. These programs are aimed at promoting collaboration between regional entities to achieve long term goals and at providing resources for Riverside residents to reduce their environmental impact. In developing its sustainability programs, Riverside has addressed a wide range of topics including energy and water efficiency, waste reduction, and green economic development. The programs highlighted below are a sample of the innovative sustainability programs undertaken by the City of Riverside.

Riverside tree plantings
The community program "Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful" includes year round tree planting projects.

Energy: Riverside continues to invest in providing energy supplies through clean and natural resources and to explore new ideas that support the city’s goal to become one of California’s leading municipal power agencies in the use of renewable energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Riverside anticipates that 50% of the city’s electricity will originate from renewable resources by 2013, as a result of implementing the following programs:

  • Green Power Premium
  • Energy High Efficiency Loan Program
  • Whole House Rebate Program

Waste Reduction and Beautification: The City of Riverside has developed multiple programs that focus on promoting a clean city, reducing litter, and improving overall community pride and involvement. The following programs have led to a significant reduction of waste in Riverside:

  • Clean Up Riverside's Environment (C.U.R.E)
  • Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful (KRCB)
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