1. Form Green Purchasing Team

Form a Purchasing Policy
Form and organize a green purchasing team.

An environmental purchasing effort requires the involvement of multiple participants from various departments throughout the local government. Therefore, facilitating communication and partnerships between these individuals and departments is key to the successful development and implementation of a green purchasing effort. Some local governments have facilitated efforts by forming a green purchasing team, which is tasked with reducing the environmental impacts of the organization’s purchasing practices. For example, Kansas City, Missouri established a Coordinating Committee on Environmentally Preferable Procurement which consists of a city council member, a local environmental organization, a local business representative, and the directors of the four largest city departments.

While there is not one specific way of forming and organizing a green purchasing team, the team typically includes a senior manager and representatives from the purchasing department, environmental department, and end users. The team can develop an implementation plan, make connections with other relevant departments, and provide periodic updates to the City Council and staff on the program’s progress.