Specific Strategies for Greening Your Workplace

This section presents specific actions that can be taken to green your workplace, including links to additional resources. The focus is on actions that can be undertaken without significant financial investment, although some highly cost-effective expenditures with quick paybacks are also mentioned.

The section is organized by category: resource efficiency, procurement, transportation and travel, energy efficiency, information technology, and indoor air quality. Each category has its own matrix comparing the operational investment (effort and/or money) to the potential impact on the organization’s overall sustainability. In addition, the following symbols are used to describe each individual action in terms of the timing of the action, whether it would be most effectively implemented through a policy change, whether property manager/landlord involvement may be needed, and the relative impact.

Note that while this guide attempts to classify actions by their relative impact (and in some cases provides numerical estimates of possible energy, water, or other resource savings), the true impacts will be influenced greatly by your organization’s current policies and practices as well as the practical constraints of your employees’ daily activities and the space that you occupy. As stated earlier in this guide, not all actions will be applicable, and your organization may have already undertaken some of the actions suggested in this guide. Review the Step-by-Step Approach section for suggestions on how to brainstorm the areas in which you can improve sustainability, drawing on your employees’ ingenuity and understanding of your day-to-day operational realities.

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