Develop Action Plan

Step 1
So far you’ve assembled your Green Team, identified your areas of focus and set your goals. Now it’s time to plan your work, and work your plan. It sounds cliché, but creating a thoughtful and thorough action plan is crucial to the success of your program. In this step you’ll document a solid action plan for the program. Planning achieves several things:
  • defines the detailed steps it will take to reach each of your goals
  • helps your Green Team think through the details, identify needed resources, and anticipate risks
  • provides continuous guidance to the Green Team moving forward
  • helps ensure that goals are met, budget is managed, and resources are used appropriately
  • allows you to assess progress along the way
  • reduces uncertainties

Your action plan should include several main components: tasks, responsibilities, milestones, deliverables, and resources. It should also encompass all of the types of tasks your Green Team will need to implement such as installing measures or technologies, tracking metrics, communicating progress, engaging employees, managing risks, and overall program administration.

Developing an Action Plan: Task by Task

  • Create a detailed work plan based on your scope statement and goal worksheets.
  • Create your budget.
  • Identify other necessary resources.

Tools and Considerations

  • Include metrics tracking in your work plan.
  • Include communications in your work plan.
  • Include employee engagement efforts in your work plan.
  • Identify and plan how to deal with risks.
  • Identify utility or government programs that might support your program.