Milestone Assessment

Step 1

Hopefully you already understand that progress tracking and communication is an ongoing process. This step extends that concept by establishing an “official” analysis of your program’s goals based on the identified “Check-In Expectations” identified in the Charter Document. While assessment is ongoing, this step requires a specific, time dependant check- in with leadership to identify if the program is meeting its goals, whether adjustments should be made, or if the program should continue, end, or shift its focus to other areas. Milestone assessments should be based on leadership’s vision of the program but should also allow the Green Team and employees to provide input based on their experience with the program.

This step is built on the recognition that any program or project requires continuous assessment and incremental improvement. The goal of this step is to identify areas for improvements, determine (and figure out how to encourage) what’s working, and recognize accomplishments. Keep in mind that while a milestone assessment should look at how your program metrics are tracking, it should also consider what employees and other stakeholders think about the program.

Milestone Assessment: Task by Task

  • Compile assessment information.
  • Gather input from employees.
  • Review progress with leadership.
  • Identify successes, areas for improvement, and make decisions on next steps.
  • Communicate results.

Tools and Considerations

  • Refer to the charter.
  • Use a comment box or conduct an employee survey.
  • Metrics tracking tools.