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Federal Transit Administration (FTA)

The FTA provides resources on sustainable communities and Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Resources include access to TOD Resources and Training free of charge to local government employees. The FTA’s Livable and Sustainable Communities program supports initiatives that demonstrate ways to improve the link between public transit and communities. FTA’s Livability Grant Program offers funding to communities for the opportunity to create these accessible, livable, and sustainable communities.
California Alternative Energy & Advanced Transportation Financing Authority (CAEATFA)
Provides financing for facilities that use alternative energy sources and technologies. CAEATFA offers financing for facilities needed to develop and commercialize advanced transportation technologies that conserve energy, reduce air pollution, and promote economic development and jobs. CAEATFA is able to issue tax-exempt and taxable bonds for projects that qualify. CAEATFA financing costs are lower than conventional financing costs as the interest on the bonds is exempt from federal and state taxes.
Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)
The Strategic Incentives Division (SID) provides incentive funding for projects that improve air quality, reduce air quality health impacts and protect global climate. SID concentrates primarily on the reduction of criteria pollutants and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Funding is primarily focused on mobile source projects that reduce or eliminate pollution from cars, trucks, marine vessels, locomotives, agricultural equipment, construction equipment and for projects that encourage the use of low emissions or zero emissions transportation such as shuttles and ride sharing, bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths. Funding is generally available through 11 program areas, though most new funding cycles are coming to a close at this time. New funding cycled will be posted as they open.