Tool Uses

The Water/Wastewater Agency Energy Analysis and Best Practices Tool quantifies, at a high level, the annual energy costs associated with various sub-systems within a water agency's infrastructure.  Based upon this analysis the tool provide a custom list of best practices and energy savings measures that should be explored by water agency and utility account representative to reduce energy use. 

The tool is meant to be used as a screening process to prioritize future energy management projects.  It is designed to facilitate discussion between staff from a candidate water agency and its energy provider(s). 

  • Outputs are meant to highlight key areas that are prime for further discussion and exploration as well as provide suggestions for improving efficiency.
  • Cost analysis provides approximate data, actual costs depend on detailed operation schedules of each facility.
  • The tool is not meant to be used for the purposes of rebate or energy rate negotiations.

Energy use analysis is based on the "average" water system, while a candidate water agency's exact energy use by component will vary, the relative weight and distribution of energy use should be similar.