Green Tenant Guide

The California Sustainability Alliance’s Green Tenant Guide was created to help organizations learn how to work with their staff to set clear and feasible sustainability goals, establish buy-in and excitement, define metrics, and measure and communicate results. The Alliance recognizes that every organization’s situation is different and helps guide organizations through the process of greening their operations and staff behaviors.  The Green Tenant Guide is intended to be an ongoing reference for organizations as they work through planning and implementing their sustainability program. 

As you work through the steps included here, it’s important to keep a few overall points in mind:

  • Make it official.
  • Make sure your goals are SMART.
  • Don't make assumptions or oversimplify.
  • Make it fun and easy.
  • Communication, communication, communication.

We recommend that you, and your greening allies, start by reading through the Guide to understand its overall framework, and then start thinking about how to use it as a step-by-step guide to help ensure your organization is successful on its path to sustainability. First, you’ll be introduced to the “The Sustainability Program Process” which outlines the overall framework for implementing a successful program. Next, “A Step- by- Step Approach” will cover each phase of the process in detail through task lists and tools. Finally, “Specific Strategies for Greening Your Workplace" includes a comprehensive list of actions that can be implemented to achieve your organization’s goals.

Use the links below to view sections of the guide or download the full Green Tenant Guide.