Water Energy Best Practices Tool

Water agencies and energy utilities approach the water-energy nexus from uniquely different perspectives; facilitating discussion on common ground is necessary to advancing efficiency in the water sector. 

  • Water agencies are often aware of their total energy use; however, without advanced monitoring systems (such as SCADA) they may not be aware of energy use at the subsystem level.  Lack of knowledge of the true drivers of energy use in a water system can lead to sub-optimal energy management decisions.
  • Energy utilities typically bring to the table an extensive list of opportunities for their customers to reduce energy use; however there is no formal prioritization of these opportunities.  Measures that should be considered “low hanging fruit” may be passed over while more complex solutions are pursued. 

To overcome these information barriers, the Alliance has developed the Water/Wastewater Agency Energy Analysis and Best Practices Tool. The tool is meant to provide users (both water system operators and energy utility account managers) a high level view of how and where energy is being used in a selected retail water system and suggestions for reducing energy use.