About Us

Our company supports California’s economic development by bringing people together to discuss the most critical problems facing our resources – soil, air, and water.

Every day, we put together entrepreneurs, landowners, neighborhoods, and the government in some of California’s most prosperous yet economically distressed areas to steward the capital on which we all depend in fair and cost-effective ways.

We are currently driving collaborative strategies to meet California’s water needs for current and future generations, with a specific emphasis on advancing sustainable groundwater management and accelerating stewardship of natural and working lands and waterways.

California should have a long-term water future that promotes a thriving economy. However, there is a lot of potential if both animals and people have access to safe, accessible, and secure water. This can only be achieved by cooperating rather than competing.

Our professional Board of Directors and our Advisory Board members come from the business, government, farming, and nonprofit industries, which Sustainable Conservation works with daily to advance our conservation mission.

This rare combination of viewpoints creates the most viable solutions to California’s most serious environmental problems.