Volvo Aims to Go Full Electric by 2030

The Swedish car manufacturer will no longer make hybrid cars. Volvo CTO, Henrik Green, believes that there is no long-term future for gas/diesel cars. They recently announced that they would begin making electric vehicles by 2035.
While claiming that all-electric vehicles will be sold exclusively online, the Swedish automaker noted that the dealer experiences and other essential functions like selling, delivering, and servicing will remain vital to customers.
Tomorrow, they’ll present their second all-electric vehicle, the XC40 Recharge 2.0. In 2025, …

Clean Energy Companies Call Out Concerns to Biden Administration

Over the last few weeks, we had conversations with three prominent clean energy entrepreneurs: San Francisco-based solar provider Tom Werner, and former Obama administration member of Sunrun Lynn Jurich, and Heather Zichal, clean power president.
We questioned them about the reaction in Texas and what they are trying to do in California.
1. Heather Zichal
Resolvability is essential to renewable energy firms. New solar and wind credits are being proposed to make them easier to access for companies that want to build power lines and batteries.
They are asking for an end to tariffs imposed by …

California Struggles with Clean Energy Pledge

Much of the state’s current climate change will be aided by less expensive solar and wind power. Although you are aware, however, the sunlight and wind are variable. Blackouts will eventually result in alternatives to dirty energy sources becoming important.
It’s not a new thing. To a few experts, we argued in 2015 that such a law would not increase the state’s green energy mandate. In theory, critics believed that the state could end the intermingling system.
Several government officials have finally pushed utilities to invest in solar-ion batteries. It will help to some degree.
To meet this, the …