Top 25 Alternative Noninvasive Plants to Grow

There are many beautiful noninvasive alternative plants to use instead of invasive plants. That said, we secured a list of suggested alternatives because they are similar in form, color, and landscape function.
Ground Covers

Creeping raspberry
Rubus pentalobus
Sonoma sage
Salvia sonomensis
Yerba Buena
Clinopodium douglasii
Ground morning glory
Convolvulus mauritanicus
Dwarf Coyote bush
Baccharis pilularis

Grasses and Perennials

Deer grass

Top 5 Invasive Plants in California to Avoid

The best way to avoid the further propagation of invasive plants is first to identify them. According to the Council of California Invasive Plants’ rankings, here are the most common invasive plant species in California.
1. Alternanthera Philoxeroides
Beware of alligator weed, found in Alabama back in 1897, isĀ also known as pigweed. This species was brought to North America through ballast water. That said, it prevents native species from flourishing. It may also impact boats, swimmers, and bathers.
2. Eichhornia Crassipes
This plant …

All You Need to Know About Invasive Plants in California

An invasive species by definition is a plant that is not native to the study ecosystem and has the potential to cause harm to economic or environmental well-being.
Invasive plants can wreak havoc on California’s community and ecosystems in many ways. These can overtake rangelands and crops.
Additionally, they can negatively affect biodiversity by eliminating the plants that it needs for shelter and food. Other cases may interfere with commercial or recreational traffic and increase the risk of fire and flood hazards.
As if that weren’t enough, there are plenty of excellent choices available. Many garden …