How to Print Eco-friendly to Save Wildlife?

Whether at home or the office, it’s impossible to avoid printing in some situations. However, the use of a printer can have some severe costs to the environment. These costs involve paper production, the use of ink, and the energy required to power a printer.
This is a crucial time to reduce how we print, especially since printing is not the only practice threatening the ecological balance of the environment if you are a teacher that must print, get one of these small …

Filing for a Restoration Permit

1. First, determine whether any federal, state or local approvals are needed. Make sure the designs are the right size and style for the permits you choose to use. To find applicable programmatic permits, look at our technical resources at
2. Gather feedback and input from regulatory personnel on the conceptual plan, including project design and environmental management steps.
3. Obtain cooperation from cooperating landowners – where easements and/or adjoining property owners’ consent are needed.
4. Seek guidance and template applications and language from restoration applicants …

Paving a Better Path Towards Wildlife Habitat Restoration

The time to rescue wildlife from the brink of extinction is today or yesterday. More than 350 of our Golden State’s species are on the verge of extinction, and there’s little chance to be saved. To help them, the faster we can respond.
This year saw the implementation of the critical act of passing the Sustainable Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Act.
The bill provides a unified licensing process with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s authority to implement numerous restoration projects that would benefit wildlife habitat, urban watersheds, and coastal water quality.
Now that the …

Basics of Wildlife Habitat Restoration

The main goal is that the maintenance of our biodiversity despite the scarcity. With that said, shifts in wildlife populations often indicate that more extensive environmental restoration and protection problems. We will further discuss this through Wildlife Habitat Restoration.
What endangers a habitat?
As a result of roads, power lines, and other development, the Lehigh Valley is heavily fragmented. These activities lead to the shrinkage of existing and future …