Pool Cover Technology- The Most Recent Innovations

Pool managers devote their time to ensuring the pool is clean, the chemicals are balanced, and there are no algae. However, every pool needs attention, even when it is not in use. So, how do you take care of a pool off-season? By using a solar pool cover.
Thanks to technology, different pool cover designs, and customization options are available. Advances in pool technology have made it possible to combine function and form to offer pools an aesthetic pool. These advances are linked to the expected rise in …

California Unravels Potential of Solar Energy

California ranks first in solar energy production, as per the SEIA or the Solar Energy Industries Association.  California’s weather and economic climate combine to make for a very favorable market for high-quality solar power.
Exploring the next step in leveraging this resource will help businesses, customers, government agencies, and developers alike.
California set two solar records in 2019, according to the Los Angeles Times. The majority of unused solar energy was turned off in June. The majority of solar energy was routed into the primary electric grid.
These records may be good news for ratepayers, as …

Cleaner Approach on Solar Energy in California

Climate change is affecting California as it has never been before. Wildfires are becoming more common and severe, droughts are becoming more prolonged and more powerful, and temperatures increase. However, California is taking steps.
California, which has long been a climate pioneer, has raised its goals. Gov. Gavin Newsom has fast-tracked the state’s aim of decarbonizing the economy, setting a new plan requiring zero-emission sales of all new passenger vehicles by 2035.
California has created a rooftop solar policy for new homes. More than 30 counties and communities have set their own ambitious renewable energy …

Five Trends for Solar and Storage Sustainability

There had been emerging claims and studies to support the sustainability of solar power over the years.
With that, let’s go over the top trends in technological innovation that help us make the most out of solar power and energy storage.
1. Proper roof orientations are game-changers. 
Module efficiency increased from about 13% to 20% in the last two decades. It now makes financial sense to do so on all non-parallel roofs. The days of down-of-ignore have arrived.
2. Carbon-negative building design. 
Two-story buildings can use as much or more energy as they …