California Unravels Potential of Solar Energy

California ranks first in solar energy production, as per the SEIA or the Solar Energy Industries Association.  California’s weather and economic climate combine to make for a very favorable market for high-quality solar power.

Exploring the next step in leveraging this resource will help businesses, customers, government agencies, and developers alike.

California set two solar records in 2019, according to the Los Angeles Times. The majority of unused solar energy was turned off in June. The majority of solar energy was routed into the primary electric grid.

These records may be good news for ratepayers, as they may lower energy costs. When solar energy is not provided, such as when the weather is gloomy, a large amount of surplus power can be stored and used.

Solar energy will help California fulfill its targets of using 60% renewable energy around 2030 and 100% sustainable power by 2045.

Installing solar panels in California will result in a reasonable chance of getting maximum electricity to store or sell utility grid, leading to significant savings and a fast return on the purchase and installation investment.

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